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Angela Morabito

Angela Morabito

Higher Education Fellow/Spokeswomen
Campus Leadership Program | CampusReform

Angela Morabito holds a BS in Foreign Service and an MA in Liberal Studies from Georgetown University. She started writing about conservative issues as a college student, and she hasn’t stopped since. Angela has served as PR Director for The College Conservative and now writes for Red Alert Politics. RAP named Angela as one of their “30 Under 30” young conservatives in 2016, and she plans to remain in her twenties for the next several decades.

Angela enjoys helping people all over the country craft advocacy campaigns on StandUnited. She loves talking politics and occasionally gets to do so on Fox News, as a recurring guest on “Cavuto: Coast to Coast.” Originally from Marietta, Georgia, Angela welcomes all recommendations for D.C. brunch spots that serve grits.

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