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The Science of Fascination
The Science of Fascination

Last Wednesday the Leadership Institute hosted its biweekly webinar and the topic was fascinating.  Peggy Grande visited LI studios to discuss the science of fascination during the free live webinar Lead, Live, and Be Fascinating.

Peggy had the opportunity to work with one of the most fascinating individuals in history -- Ronald Reagan.  She began the webinar discussing how her work with Reagan shaped her perspective on the science of fascination.  

What made him uniquely fascinating and why are we still analyzing his life and leadership?  What can we learn from his life that we can apply to our own?

Launch into 2016 as a Campaign Manager
Launch into 2016 as a Campaign Manager

This has been another good year for conservatives who took Leadership Institute (LI) training.  In 2015 alone, 161 conservative activists took a Campaign Management School. 

These graduates are people looking to get involved in their community.  They want to be leaders and make changes to their cities, counties, and states by winning elections -- for conservative principles.

After hours of lectures, these graduates left with the ability to organize a campaign -- from the moment the campaign begins to Election Day.  Better yet, LI grads learned what they have to do from day one to win and affect the public policy process.

Student Activist Sues School for Refusing to Recognize Conservative Group

Administrators often hide behind the veil of bureaucracy to justify censorship of conservative voices on campus. Moriah DeMartino experienced this firsthand when she attempted to start a conservative club at Hagerstown Community College.

The administration refused to recognize her club...

A Must Read: Mark Levin’s New Book Plunder and Deceit
A Must Read: Mark Levin’s New Book Plunder and Deceit

In politics, it is not enough to know what’s right. 

To succeed, your command of a subject must be so secure that you can persuade people you are right.  And then you must activate them.

Plunder and Deceit by Mark Levin is a necessary read for anyone who fights against statist power grabs.

This new book sets the stage for the 2016 election and beyond.

Levin’s new book is a wake-up call, especially for young people.  He explains the dangers of government and the coming crisis our country faces -- the loss of the greatest...

January 2016
Wednesday Wake-Up Club Breakfast

Location: Arlington, VA

San Diego Campaign Academy

Location: Poway, CA

Television Workshop, On-Camera

Location: Arlington, VA

Candidate and Campaign Academy

Location: Phoenix, AZ

25 - 26
Written Communications Workshop

Location: Arlington, VA

27 - 30
Future Candidate School

Location: Arlington, VA

30 - 31
Youth Leadership School

Location: Copenhaagen, Denmark

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