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The Hiring Freeze Has Been Lifted, What’s Your Plan?
The Hiring Freeze Has Been Lifted, What’s Your Plan?

On Tuesday, April 11, the Trump Administration made a surprise announcement that could be good news for job seekers across DC.  

The federal hiring freeze will be lifted.

Instead, the administration is calling for a reform of the federal government, and a plan to reduce the overall size of the Federal Civilian Workforce.

But what does this mean for job seekers in Washington D.C.?

Cautious optimism. 

Your 5-point guide to writing an op-ed
Your 5-point guide to writing an op-ed

With the Leadership Institute’s Building Your Brand Workshop around the corner, here are some pointers to give you a head start on building your brand through op-eds.

You have something to say. But sometimes it can be difficult to know where to start. How do you get your voice out there?

A good place to start...

Stephen Rowe Employee of the Quarter
Stephen Rowe Employee of the Quarter

"Our first Employee of the Quarter for 2017 is Stephen Rowe," announced Morton Blackwell at the Leadership Institute's staff meeting.  "Stephen, will you please come forward?"

As Stephen walked to the front of the room, Morton continued.

"Stephen Rowe has gone above and beyond in his work, both for the Digital Training Division and in support of other LI departments."  

"In the past three months, Stephen has spoken at three Young Americans for Liberty regional conventions and received high praise and positive feedback -- while giving a different combination of lectures each time; taught lectures for other training divisions, including Grassroots and Career Services..."

And the list goes on.  

Stephen, Morton continued, "said an enthusiastic “yes” to joining a Campus Reform video broadcast; worked with External Affairs to generate new ideas for email marketing, social media content, and website analytics; and taught at 13 digital trainings, helping the division train 150% more conservatives than in the first quarter of 2016." 

"Stephen has a natural talent for speaking and teaching, and his work ethic, teamwork, and unfailing good cheer make him...

Don’t delay, intern today

You may be wondering:  “Should I apply for an internship in Washington, DC?”

I was in the same boat fresh out of college.  The options were vast, graduate school, part-time work, traveling, and more.  At college, I postponed applying as so many do. Given the opportunity again, I'd do it differently.

Many students go to college far away from their families; summer break, therefore, is a chance to spend some time with loved ones.  However, summer is also the perfect time to get professional experience in D.C. 

If you are in your senior year and really would like to get your foot in the door, you can also apply for internships during the spring or the fall.  You'll find about the same number of roles available, but organizations recieve a significantly smaller number of applications, and therefore spring and fall internships are less competitive.

And you should know.  It’s competitive!

Organizations like CATO, The Heritage Foundation, Americans for Prosperity, and the Leadership Institute receive vastly more applications than we have positions available.

But if you take the process seriously, and do your research, there’s no reason why you should fail.

Here are five benefits of interning while you are still in college...