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As a conservative activist, leader, or potential leader working in another country, you are welcome to attend a training conducted by the Leadership Institute in the United States. Just register, and pay the same tuition as other participants and you're ready to receive the Leadership Institute's world class training.

Please note that all participants must be able to speak and understand English, and the Leadership Institute does not provide letters of invitation or support for obtaining a U.S. entry visa.

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The Leadership Institute's International Division works with partner organizations around the world to provide high-quality training events for conservatives that take place outside of the United States.

When a partner organization cancels program, the Leadership Institute will refund all payments made to LI for the conduct of the program, minus any expenses for flights, accommodations and related costs that LI, in its judgment, cannot reasonably recover.

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The Next Generation: Episode 2018
The Next Generation: Episode 2018
Andrew Walter
March 14, 2018

Victory in politics is the direct result of the number and effectiveness of the activists behind it.This is one of the valuable lessons I took away from the Leadership Institute's flagship training, the Youth Leadership School, last November. It became clear to me that this is true, and the Leadership Institute is the best source to better understand political technology. This drove me to pursue an internship at the Leadership Institute.Like other interns at the Leadership Institute, I had read political books, assisted campaigns, and led a campus organization. But I knew the invaluable experience gained from the Leadership Institute would take my passion for advancing liberty to the next step and make me an effective leader in the movement.The professional skills, networking, and daily understanding of the most effective political technology means wherever my career takes me, LI has set me up with the confidence, skills, and knowledge to make liberty win.
Conservatives on the rise: Canada's Harper takes helm of International Democrat Union
Conservatives on the rise: Canada's Harper takes helm of International Democrat Union
Ron Nehring
March 2, 2018

One of the most important tools for conservatives working together to advance sound principles worldwide is the International Democrat Union, or IDU. Founded in 1983 by America's Ronald Reagan, Britain's Margaret Thatcher and Germany's Helmut Kohl, the IDU is a global alliance of center-right political parties sharing a common commitment to the principles spelled out in the group's founding document, the London Declaration.While some may have felt the group's mission was accomplished with the West's victory in the Cold War and subsequent collapse of the Soviet Union, on closer examination it is clear that the need for conservatives to work together worldwide is as great as ever.
Your elevator pitch -- 20 seconds to make an impression
Your elevator pitch -- 20 seconds to make an impression
Kate Lipman
October 16, 2017

Picture the scenario; you are an intern or junior staffer in the elevator of your work building, and a Vice President walks in… what do you do? Do you burst into tears, fall on your knees and beg for a job? Or do you seize the moment and deliver your elevator pitch? This brief but persuasive 20-second pitch is your chance to engage a potential employer in conversation in a confident but respectful way. By using this opportunity correctly, you can make a strong impression and turn them into a lasting connection. Here are some tips for your elevator pitch. Be natural. If you try to hero worship them, they won't take you seriously. Likewise, if you deliver the speech like you've been practicing it in the mirror, they won't take you seriously. Be respectful but confident. If you want a job working for them somewhere down the line, you have to earn their respect. A great way to do this...
A Blog Can Be Great For Your Career
A Blog Can Be Great For Your Career
Ben Woodward
July 2, 2017

When people think about blogs, they usually dismiss them as a prehistoric way of getting ideas into the public realm. Today many people prefer a 140-character tweet to a well thought out, self-published article that takes a lot of work to compose and publicize. However, when it comes to your career, demonstrating passion for your field is critical. Writing a blog, which is accessible to recruiters, could be what secures your next big opportunity. Here are 5 ways writing a blog can benefit your career. You can establish yourself as a thought leader Recruiters will expect to see that you have knowledge of your field and show an active interest. By writing a blog directly related to the professional area in which you want to progress, you can illustrate your interest and your ability to...
3 Effective Ways to Boost Your Facebook Engagement
3 Effective Ways to Boost Your Facebook Engagement
Stephen Rowe
June 28, 2017

You may notice a pattern every time you scroll your newsfeed. It starts with a relevant update, then an advertisement, and it doesn't take long before a video starts auto-playing. The biggest question on people's minds when they see this pattern is, “How do I get my content to appear first in everyone else's newsfeed?” Here are three things you can start doing now: