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Andrew Greene

Andrew Greene

Deputy Assistant to the President
President's Office

Andrew Greene is the Leadership Institute’s Regional Field Coordinator for North Carolina, South Carolina, and the District of Columbia.  Andrew as an RFC manages over 150 student groups by helping them bring speakers to campus, hold trainings, recruit, and bring a conservative voice to campus. 


In 2019, Andrew attended his first Leadership Institute training. That training was the Youth Leadership School that completely changed the way that he looked at college campuses. He then became a Field Representative for the Leadership Institute in North Carolina before going on to be an RFC.

Prior to working at LI, Andrew worked in conservative politics in North Carolina, helping multiple campaigns for state legislatures. During the 2018 midterm elections, Andrew worked for the Republican Party in North Carolina helping to organize the youth on college campuses.

He also attended Appalachian State University where he is working to finish his Bachelor's degree in Communications. It was there that he led the College Republicans chapter at Appalachian State and eventually started a Turning Point USA and Young Americans for Freedom group.

Andrew is originally from the mountains of North Carolina and the son of a Baptist minister and cattle farmer. Growing up on a farm, he was taught the value and importance of hard work. He has four brothers and enjoys going on hikes, playing basketball, and traveling to new places. 

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