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Sarah Clark

Sarah Clark

Scheduler & Operations Manager
Campus Leadership Program | Riley Gaines Center

Sarah is the Leadership Institute’s Regional Field Coordinator for Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, Utah, and Wyoming. She manages over 100 student groups and works to grow the conservative and libertarian movement on college campuses. Sarah is from the great state Utah where she attended Utah Valley University majoring in Political Science. When she was in highschool, Sarah became a licensed hairstylist; during her time as a cosmetologist, she also gained a license as a cosmetology instructor, going on to create curriculum and teach for two different beauty schools in Utah. Sarah credits her cosmetology career as her beginnings in conservatism, seeing first hand the success free market Capitalism can bring to an individual.

Sarah has been involved in politics since the age of 12, volunteering and attending local city council meetings. At the age of 15 she led an effort to allow the residents of Springville Utah to have chickens in residential areas. The motion passed after a year of meetings, petitions, and an election to remove a particularly stubborn council member. 

At Utah Valley University, Sarah founded a Turning Point USA chapter and served as President for two years, hosting Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens. Sarah is passionate about the Constitution and the United States of America and will do whatever is necessary to protect them. 

In her spare time, she enjoys reading, baking, yoga, and tending to her family and friend’s hair care needs.

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