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Mark Campbell

Mark Campbell

Senior Fellow
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Dr. Mark Campbell is an expert political and research strategist with a winning career spanning over four decades. He began his career as a Presidential Fellow during the Reagan Administration, honing his skills in the Department of Defense. 

Dr. Campbell was recently selected as a Pritzker Fellow for the University of Chicago’s Institute of Politics and is currently a Senior Fellow at the Leadership Institute, where he teaches campaign management skills to future leaders. Dr. Campbell has taught hundreds of political party leaders in emerging democracies around the world, including the art and science of connecting with voters, on behalf of the International Republican Institute and Leadership Institute.

As an innovative political entrepreneur, Dr. Campbell co-founded Audience Partners, one of America's first online digital political ad agencies. 

In his most recent political role, he was the winning Campaign Manager in the nationally highlighted Virginia Gubernatorial race, representing now-governor Glenn Youngkin. This stunning Republican victory received international attention as a bellwether race to foreshadow future voting patterns.

Dr. Campbell has worked with hundreds of federal, state, and local campaigns, winning numerous tough "down ballot" races in swing areas even when the top of the GOP ticket lost substantially. Dr. Campbell served as National Political Director for Ted Cruz for President. Other presidential campaigns include Rudy Giuliani, George H. W. Bush, and George W. Bush.

Mark and his wife Kathy reside in Dallas, Texas, and have six grown children. The Campbells are a family of servant leaders who are all successful professionals in such fields as nursing, law, and a future Army Officer. The Campbells are committed to using their skills and resources to make a positive impact on their community.

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