LI Graduate Makes a Difference for D.C. Kids
Ashley Carter set the bar high in 2016.  As the only Republican D.C. elected last year, she is also the only Republican woman elected to this at-large seat in D.C. history.

Ashley’s passion for her community combined with her upbeat personality set her on track to win last election season.

Ashley Carter is a long-time graduate of the Leadership Institute. I followed up with Ashley after she took LI’s TV Workshop, On-camera.

Since she won the election, Ashley has addressed educational issues through her three-pronged approach: (1) Raise the graduation rate; (2) Push for more career training and technical education resources; and (3) Add more trained volunteers and nonprofit resources to the classroom.  

School choice is a priority for Ashley. Over the next four years, Ashley plans to push for excellence in education through more school voucher opportunities.

Ashley credits her success to listening to the members of her community.

“It’s less about party and more about the community,” Ashley says.

If implementing conservative education policy isn’t enough, Ashley stays active through her volunteer work, training for a half marathon, and serving as Director of Coalitions at the Independent Women’s Forum.

Ashley offered advice to conservative activists: “You’re going to face adversity, but you just need to keep going. Had I stopped, I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

While Ashley continues the conservative fight for Washington, D.C.’s education, what’s her challenge to fellow conservatives?

“Don’t shy away from your beliefs!”

This is an update on LI’s August 24, 2016 blog post. Read this blog post here.

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