Recent graduate uses Leadership Institute skills to launch campaign in Washington, DC
 It is safe to say Ashley Carter stays busy as the Grassroots Director for the Independent Women's Forum.  This role leads her around the country speaking on many vital topics, including the importance of women running for public office.  

In fact, the organization has recently expanded to 10 states where they advocate heavily for issues of importance to women and families.  Ashley covered these topics on a panel at the 2016 Republican National Convention. 

Now, Ashley Carter has announced her candidacy for DC Board of Education member At-Large.

To recruit volunteers for her campaign, Ashley shared with me she had success using Leadership Institute's free job placement service,

"I have found LI to be a wonderful resource," she said.  "And I continue to flourish in my career and now my campaign because of the Institute." 

In preparation for her campaign, she participated in both Leadership Institute's Campaign Management School and Future Candidate School.  In the picture below, Ashley stands in the front row with a group of fellow Leadership Institute graduates at the Campaign Management School.

"Being immersed in a deep learning about campaigns with other candidates and leaders who share my beliefs helped to turn an idea about becoming a candidate into reality." 

Before beginning her role with Independent Women's Forum, Ashley attended the Women's Leadership Workshop and Women's Communications Workshop at the Leadership Institute in 2014.  Ashley says that participating in these trainings helped her to find a network of conservative women who have continued to support her endeavor to be elected to the Board of Education in Washington, D.C.  

When asked what advice she would give to young people in the conservative movement, Ashley responded, "I believe all young conservatives should keep their minds open when facing new experiences. . . as a young conservative, you are an ambassador to the movement... Be proud to be a conservative!"

Jami Averwater is a summer intern in the External Affairs Department for the Leadership Institute. Follow her on Twitter (@Jamikristin).  

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