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Advancing Conservatism through Business
Advancing Conservatism through Business

Ashlyn Adelman, the rising college junior at Bucknell University, has taken her Leadership Institute training into the world of business management.

“I believe conservatism is at the heart of business and I have found that many businesses agree with me,” Ashlyn said.  

She’s proof that conservative principles extend far beyond politics and policy.  And, she has found a way to apply her conservative beliefs to the field she is passionate about.

She’s currently a project coordinator intern at BrandPoint Services Inc., which is a property maintenance and property-based capital expenditure re-branding and re-imaging company.

Ashlyn attributes much of her growth as a conservative leader to an early mentor Peggy Grande, who “helped save me from the liberal California public education system’s indoctrination.” 

Webinar Woman Carol Wehe
Webinar Woman Carol Wehe

"Our employee of the Quarter is Carol Wehe," Leadership Institute President Morton Blackwell said at today's all-staff meeting. "Carol manages our fundraising, digital media, and webinars," he continued.

"Carol does a tremendous job reviewing and modifying her trainings to provide our students with the best possible curriculum. She has overhauled our fundraising schools, and she is currently working on a streamlined agenda for our Campaign Management School."

"Earlier this year Carol was asked to audit our webinars and to create compelling content that would acquire new contacts for LI, create a path from webinars to in-person trainings, and amass an archive of LI training samples of each of LI’s trainings," Morton said today.

"The first quarter of this year, the webinars averaged less than 40 viewers.  In the most recent quarter, the webinars have averages more than 140 viewers. Our most recent webinar had 181 attendees from 42 states, DC, and 5 other countries," Morton finished.

Why Stories: 10 Characteristics of Effective Stories
Why Stories: 10 Characteristics of Effective Stories

In case you missed the webinar on Storytelling: Part One, here are the top 10 Characteristics of Effective Stories. 

Stories win races. Change minds. Influence events.

Stories are one of the most valuable tools that we have. 

Learn the ten characteristics of effective stories from my recent Leadership Institute webinar, Storytelling Part 1: Storytelling & why it matters.  Watch the recorded webinar here.

The New Aristocracy
The New Aristocracy

The following is a speech given by Ron Maxwell, independent filmmaker, at the 43 National Fourth of July Conservative Soiree:

In 1776 Americans declared themselves independent of more than arbitrary rule by a distant monarch. They also severed the ties of aristocracy. This was in itself a revolutionary notion. It meant that political power, its attendant privilege and economic advantages would no longer be transferred by the blood.

Earldoms, dukedoms, and kingdoms were banished from the territory and from the future of the American people. The citizen became the self-identifying unit of self-rule.

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