International Training

Conservative principles of free markets, individual liberty, and personal responsibility bring prosperity wherever they are put into practice throughout America, and the world.

The Leadership Institute's International programs give those working for these principles around the world the skills they need to succeed.

International Programs

The Leadership Institute's International Department conducts programs for leaders and activists around the globe, and at the Institute's Washington DC-area training facility. Programs include comprehensive multi-day seminars, one day programs focused on building skills in specific areas, and concise three hour sessions aimed at introducing participants to a particular technique or concept.

For programs conducted outside of the United States, the Leadership Institute works with a rapidly growing number in-country partner organizations to develop and conduct world class programs designed to give participants an edge in the public arena.

International School of Fundraising

Conducted annually, this ambitious four day program provides participants with knowledge and insight into every area of fundraising for a movement, a political party, or a non-profit organization.

International School of Campaign Management

Political campaigns must be carefully tailored to meet the needs and expectations of local voters. The proven techniques taught in this comprehensive program provides candidates, elected officials, campaign managers, staff and activists with the tools needed to develop a winning campaign strategy, make tactical decisions, and build the communications and organizational capability for victory.

International School of Political Communication

Persuading a motivating people to action requires building and activating a connection between the speaker and the target audience based on a foundation of credibility. Over the course of several days participants in this program gain a powerful understanding of the drivers behind individual decision-making, and the techniques for reaching people in person, through print, video and online.

International Training

Internationally Known Quality

Full and half-day programs are conducted in cooperation with local partners. Topics include: Political and public affairs strategy; public speaking techniques; media interview techniques; personal solicitation fundraising; direct mail and online fundraising; winning social media techniques; political candidate preparation; techniques for public affairs and political organization management; voter contact programs, and much more.

All Leadership Institute International programs are taught by international and American experts who are proven in their respective fields of expertise. Each expert faculty member works in the field in the areas they teach, providing participants with direct access to the experience and insights of these proven leaders in the areas of strategy, communications, organization and management.

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