Television Workshop, On-Camera
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Television Workshop, On-Camera

The On-Camera Workshop takes place in front of the TV cameras in the Leadership Institute’s Norma Zimdahl Master Studio in the Sacher Multimedia Center located in Arlington, VA.  

You will be coached through two rounds of mock interviews while receiving personal feedback on how to better tailor your appearance and message delivery for TV. 

Individuals who attend the On-Camera Workshop receive a copy of their footage. 

Class size is limited to six people to maximize your time on camera. 

Who it’s for:  

  • Media and communications professionals 

  • Political strategists, advocates, and pundits 

  • Policy experts 

  • Current and future elected officials and candidates  

  • Anyone preparing for an upcoming on-camera or radio interview  

How you’ll benefit:  

  • Develop your on-camera message and delivery techniques 

  • Practice correct on-camera gestures and facial expressions 

  • Gain confidence in your on-camera ability 

What to expect: This half-day workshop is split into three sections. In the first section, your instructor will give you time to work on your chosen interview topic and talking points. Sections two and three include the two interview formats: news desk and satellite.  

In the news desk format, you’ll sit one-on-one with your “host” to simulate an in-studio interview. In the satellite format, you’ll be interviewed by your “host” remotely via earpiece. Instructors will review the recorded footage with you immediately following both sets of interviews and provide individualized feedback. Your footage will also be provided to you following the workshop.  

What’s included: 

  • On-camera time 

  • Personalized interview critique 

  • Copy of footage  

*Ask about student and group rates.  

What graduates say

Kevin Lundberg's photo

Kevin Lundberg

"The Leadership Institute's hands-on approach was a valuable introduction to the rapid-fire interviews of broadcast journalism. LI gave me some of the tools I needed to adjust to this pressure cooker side of politics"