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To recieve updates, host an training in your country, or hold a training at the Leadership Institute, please contact us.

The Leadership Institute's International Department brings world class training in campaigns, governance, organization and communication to leaders and activists around the world who share a commitment to free markets, individual liberty and freedom.

From Europe and the Middle East to Africa, Asia and Latin America, Leadership Institute expert faculty and staff help leaders and activists improve their effectiveness in the public policy arena. Our focus is to help those who are already philosophically well-grounded obtain the skills needed for victory.

Graduates of Leadership Institute programs gain valuable insight on how voters reach conclusions and make choices, how to develop effective and persuasive messages, the techniques to organize a winning political or legislative campaign, tools for effective fundraising and more.

To ensure international leaders and activists receive the highest level of education and training, Leadership Institute faculty members are conservative experts from around the world unmatched in their skill and experience. LI brings the conservative movement's leading professionals together with current and future activists and leaders for training of unrivaled quality.

International Programs

The Leadership Institute conducts programs for international participants in the United States and around the world. To bring world class training directly to leaders and activists, the Leadership Institute's International Department can conduct any of these training programs in most countries.

International School of Fundraising

The Leadership Institute's marquee international program provides four days of immersive training in fundraising for conservative organizations, political parties, leaders and candidates. Conducted annually outside of the United States, participants learn fundraising techniques ranging from fundamental to advanced. Topics include direct mail fundraising, personal solicitation fundraising, online fundraising, capital campaigns, high dollar direct mail fundraising, sustained giving programs, and more. Participants who graduate from this program return home prepared to boost the funds they can raise to achieve their public policy goals.

International School of Campaign Management

This intensive five-day program draws upon an expert faculty to teach participants the process and techniques for conducting a winning political campaign. The first day focuses on developing campaign strategy and research. Understanding how voters make judgments and choices, plus crafting and conveying persuasive messages are the focus of the second day. The third day is centered on helping candidates become substantive, build credibility, and draw an active group of supporters. Fundraising is the topic of the fourth day, while voter contact is covered on the fifth. In all, this program offers 40 hours of campaign training in one week and is ideally suited for candidates, elected officials, political party and campaign staff, and very active volunteers.

International School of Political Communication

Participants in this rigorous two-day program receive valuable insight in how voters make judgments and choices as the first step to crafting effective and persuasive political messages through video, print, broadcast, online and in person. Understanding how to work with the news media, build a robust online and social media presence, engage in debates and handle negative information are all topics taught by conservative experts in communication.

International Training

To recieve updates, host an training in your country, or hold a training at the Leadership Institute, please contact us.