Anti-UN Day

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Fraud.  Inefficiency.  Hypocrisy.  This is the reputation of the United Nations .

Originally formed to promote world-wide peace, freedom, and human rights, the United Nations has now become bastion of scandal and bureaucratic failure.   From kickbacks to rape allegations, the UN's history in recent years has proven to be little more than a disgrace on the world stage.

Take for instance the Oil-for-Food scandal in 1996.  What began as a humanitarian effort to feed the poor in Iraq quickly became a ponzi scheme to benefit former dictator Saddam Hussein.  More than half of Iraq's population was made dependant on the program's limited benefits, while Hussein's tyrannical regime skimmed funds from the program for himself and his lackeys.

You could also consider the Congo Rape Scandal in 2005, where over 150 cases of sexual abuse by UN peacekeepers were reported by local residents.  Widespread allegations of rape, pedophilia and the solicitation of prostitution by UN officials were simply covered up.

Beyond scandals, the United Nations has become an example of failed bureaucracy in action.    Take the Human Rights Council for example.  China, Cuba, and Saudi Arabia are all members, despite track records of committing some of the worst human rights violations in the world.

Take the opportunity on "United Nations Day" to expose the corruption and inefficiency in the UN.  Host your own "Anti-UN Day" on campus.  One great idea for your Anti-UN Day is to hold a "Pie Your Favorite Dictator" event.  This is a great way to poke fun at the United Nations as a failed organization that caters more to dictators than actually solving the world's problems.

How to Take Action:

  1. Collect the materials.  Pick a dictator (or a few dictators) whose nation has a membership within the UN.  Raoul Castro from Cuba, Mahmoud Ahmedinjad from Iran and Hugo Chavez from Venezuela are all great examples.  Then, determine a student (or students) who will impersonate that dictator and create a costume.  It's easy to make your own costume from clothing at thrift stores or uniform shops.  You will also need to purchase materials for pies: pie tins and whipped cream are the cheapest and easiest way to make a "pie" for this kind of event.  Don't forget to have a bucket of water and sponge for clean-up!  Finally, download free fliers about UN atrocities to pass out to passersby at the bottom of this page.
  2. Reserve space on campus.  Secure a high-traffic area on campus that grab the attention of students passing by.  Keep in mind that this event is going to be messy, so plan accordingly.
  3. Invite allied organizations.  Ask other conservative and libertarian groups on campus to help out volunteering at the event, and pitching in for some of the costs. They can also provide valuable financial support by helping to purchase supplies or volunteering at the event itself.
  4. Hold a planning meeting.  Make sure that the person portraying each "dictator" is prepared with whatever outfit, makeup, and other accessories they will need.  Go over talking points and make a schedule of volunteers (Who will post fliers on campus, hand out information at the table, assist with clean-up, etc?).  Designate one or two students to answer any media inquiries.
  5. Advertise.  Use the fliers attached below, or design your own, to promote your event and encourage students to stop by and take part in the fun.  Post them around campus and send out a university-wide email explaining the event in further detail.  Also make sure to use Facebook events, Twitter and other online tools to publicize your event.
  6. Prepare for opposition.  Have a video camera/flip camera available to record any aggression from leftists.  Ask angry left-wing activists why they are opposed to you exercising your right to free speech.
  7. Pie Your Favorite Dictator!   Have students that are stopping by take a shot at pie-ing  their favorite dictator in the face.  Then, provide them with a factsheet outlining the UN's history as a corrupt and failed bureaucracy.
  8. Advertise again.  Submit a press release and high-quality picture to local media outlets detailing your event.