Leadership Institute's 2012 Accomplishments

Training in 2012

The Leadership Institute trains conservatives. Its 117,330 graduates since 1979 are governors, senators, state legislators, activists, and students who know, in politics, it’s not enough to be right – you must learn how to win.

Campus Network in 2012

The Leadership Institute's campus programs are a rescue mission for conservative college students on liberal campuses. The Institute organizes and trains students to fight for their principles -- and holds biased professors and administrators accountable.

Building the Conservative Movement in 2012

Today 117,330 conservatives are ready to out-organize, out-communicate, and out-mobilize their opposition thanks to Leadership Institute training. With 82,106 hours of training in 2012, graduates are prepared to win in 2013 and beyond.

Launching Conservative Careers in 2012

Each year, hundreds of young conservatives get their start in politics thanks to the Leadership Institute's career services. Its ConservativeJobs.com connects jobseekers and recruiters, easily and for free online.

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