Political Management of the Bureaucracy - A Guide to Reform and Control


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Dear Fellow Conservative,

I have arranged to have published for you a particularly timely book, chocked full of interesting and valuable information for anyone who wants reform in the federal government’s personnel process and wants to learn how to shrink the bloated federal bureaucracy.

The book is free for you.  All you have to do is click on this link. Or buy it on Amazon by clicking here.

Yes, I know that many of us (including me) prefer to read physical books, but I knew that more people would read it online right now if I could distribute it for free.  

Those who wish to have a hard copy will soon be able to buy the book on Amazon.

Here’s what my friend and colleague, Joe Morris, an Assistant Attorney General in the Reagan Administration, says about the book I’m giving you for free:

"Donald Devine's Political Management of the Bureaucracy: A Guide to Reform and Control will be an evergreen book.  It will be a classic in the library of conservative public administration and should be in the orientation packet given to each of the planners, transition team members, and political appointees of every future new conservative administration." -- Joseph A. Morris, former Assistant Attorney General of the United States under President Reagan

Please see the Introduction I wrote at the beginning of this edition of Don Devine’s book.

Most conservatives know that government hiring, whether of political appointees or Civil Service employees, has long been a tragic mess.  Dr. Donald J. Devine, who served as Director of the Office of Personnel Management in Ronald Reagans’ first term, grappled with these problems at the highest level.  He accomplished a lot where others have failed miserably.  In this book, he shares his experiences and points out how conservatives can achieve real reforms.

You probably know other conservatives who share an interest in reforming and shrinking the federal bureaucracy.  If so, please forward to them my free offer of this unique and powerful book.


Morton Blackwell
The Leadership Institute