Political and Communications Training

Political and Communications Training
Blogging Workshop

Understand how to use this medium and sustain the readership you deserve while successfully advancing your cause or candidate.

Campaign Management School

Hear from leading campaign strategists as they teach you how to draft a campaign plan, organize an effective grassroots coalition online and offline, fundraise from low- and high-dollar donors, and develop a winning message that is sure to lead you to victory on Election Day. This intensive, one-week school is a must-have foundation for serious campaign managers and activists.

Comprehensive Online Activist School

Compete successfully in 21st century politics and create an online strategy for your cause or candidate.

Digital Media Workshop

Harness the power of Internet technologies through email, website design and management, and online marketing to advance your agenda and activate your grassroots organization.

Digital Media Workshop, Advanced

Translate online activism to grassroots activism.  Enhance your online strategy through new media and knowledge of the latest trends.

Direct Mail School

Raise needed funds and increase your donor base from the shared knowledge of direct mail experts and fundraising professionals. 

Direct Mail School, Advanced (Archived)

Maximize a donor’s potential by transforming your current mail program into a dynamic fundraising machine.

Future Candidate School

Learn from the nation’s top political strategists how to prepare yourself to run the strongest possible campaign—and win at any level!  Discover what it takes to be an effective candidate and the steps required to build your winning coalition.  This four-day training is geared towards potential candidates and campaign/political activists.


High-Dollar Fundraising School

Capitalize on your revenue-making possibilities by raising funds through personal solicitation, events, grant-making foundations, and planned giving programs. Whether you are running a development shop at a non-profit or raising funds for a campaign, this two-day training will give you the tools you need to be successful.

Online Fundraising Workshop

Learn effective tools on the web to fund your candidate, cause, or public policy battle. This workshop will teach you the best available programs and how to manage your online fundraising efforts.

Online Journalism Workshop
Political Voter Mail Workshop

Advance your cause from the mailbox to the ballot box and create the targeted voter mail that gets voters off their couches and into the polling places.

Public Relations School

Develop your complete public relations strategy with the Leadership Institute as Washington's top conservative PR experts give you the tools to win media favor and deliver your message effectively.

Public Relations School, Advanced

Tackle communications problems from organization and planning to presentation. Through practical application, you will learn how to develop, pitch, present, and defend your message and vision.

Public Speaking Workshop

Know how to prepare and deliver persuasive speeches and avoid common mistakes to communicate effectively before an audience.

Public Speaking Workshop, Advanced

Discover what makes a well-written, well-delivered speech by examining speech construction, delivery, and persuasive techniques through valuable one-on-one evaluations. 

Public Speaking Workshop, One-on-One

Learn customized techniques that address your specific needs.  The full resources of the Leadership Institute’s faculty are made available to you by appointment only and as faculty schedules allow.

Television Workshop, Introduction to Techniques

Understand the fundamentals of looking and sounding good on television as media professionals teach you how to effectively take to the airwaves. 

Television Workshop, On-Camera

Participate in mock interviews and satellite debates with media professionals, and receive a personalized critique on how to tailor your message for television and improve your communication skills.

Television Workshop, One-on-One

Learn customized techniques that address your specific needs.  The full resources of the Leadership Institute’s faculty are made available to you by appointment only and as faculty schedules allow.