The Leadership Institute's FAQs

How do I donate to LI?

Your generous tax-deductible support equips conservative activists with the tools to make a difference. To make a contribution online, please go to LI's donations page:

To make a contribution by mail, please make your check payable to the Leadership Institute and send it to:
Leadership Institute
Steven P.J. Wood Building
1101 North Highland Street
Arlington, VA 22201

If you have any questions or prefer to donate by phone, you can reach LI at (800) 827-5323 (LEAD), or (703) 247-2000 if outside the U.S.

What is your Refund and Cancellation Policy?

If you cancel your registration 10 or more days before the event start date, the Leadership Institute (LI) will refund the full cost.
If you cancel your registration within 4 to 9 days before the event start date, LI will refund 50% of the cost.
If you cancel your registration within 3 days of the event start date, no refund will be given.
In the event of a cancellation, LI is not responsible for travel and accommodation costs.
Please contact the training coordinator with any questions.

Where are the LI's dorms and FM Kirby Training Center located?

LI's office, dorms, and training facilities are located at the Steven P.J. Wood Building at 1101 N. Highland Street, Arlington, VA 22201.
You can find full directions here.

Are there hotels located near LI's headquarters?

You can find a list of local accommodations here.

What do I get in the dorms?

To view LI's dorm facilities and get a better idea of what to expect, please watch this informational video.
LI has separate men's and women's dorms.
Expect to sleep in a shared common open area with bunk beds.
Expect to shower in a shared bathroom much like you would at a gym.
Upon check in, you will find on your bunk bed two flat sheets, one blanket, one pillow, a pillow case, and one towel.
If you think you may need any additional items, you are encouraged to bring extras from home.
LI recommends attendees bring shower shoes, a robe or extra towel, ear buds in case your neighbor is noisy, and perhaps a blanket, sweatshirt, warm pajamas and thick socks in case the temperature is cooler than what you are used to.
You can find more information on LI dorms here.

What are dorm check-in and check-out times and procedures?

If the LI dorms are available for your training, and you reserved a spot in the dorms in the registration process, you are welcome to check in any time after 5:00 PM the day before the training starts.
You may check out any time before 11:00 AM the day after your training concludes.
LI does not permit late checkouts.
When you arrive, please give your name to the security guard in the lobby.
The guard will show you where you will be staying and give you the appropriate access codes.

What is security like in LI's dorms?

The Leadership Institute provides a security guard who is available each night attendees are scheduled to stay in the LI dorms.
LI has two separate dorms for men and women with a different lock code for each.
No guest shall have visitors of the opposite sex in their dorm suite.
Each attendee also signs the dorm contract and agrees to uphold LI's policies and procedures.
Feel free to review the full dorm contract here.

What is LI's smoking policy?

The Leadership Institute has a no smoking policy inside the facility.

What is LI's alcohol policy?

The Leadership Institute does not permit alcohol inside the dormitory. This includes unopened containers of alcohol.

Does the Leadership Institute offer scholarship opportunities for training costs?

Thanks to the Leadership Institute's generous donors, scholarships are sometimes available for LI's already discounted trainings.
Please contact the training coordinator to learn about the scholarship process for a specific training.

How can I bring LI training to my area?

The Leadership Institute offers training all over the United States.
To bring grassroots campaign and activist training to your area, please contact Robert Arnakis.
To bring youth campaign and activist training to your area, please contact Carly Tomaine.

As a resident outside the U.S., how can I attend LI training?

Conservative principles of free markets, individual liberty, and personal responsibility bring prosperity wherever they are put into practice throughout America, and the world.
The Leadership Institute's International programs give those working for these principles around the world the skills to succeed.
Find more information here: