Tea Party Tax Revolt

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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." - Edmund Burke

Throughout most of its modern history, the pro-liberty movement has been plagued by one problem: a lack of action.  Unlike the political left, conservatives have historically been happy to simply vote and contribute to campaigns and causes - nothing more.

Following the recent expansion of government with corporate bailouts, economic stimulus and government-run healthcare, conservatives finally decided to fight back.  The year 2009 saw the first "Tea Party" events spring up around the country in protest of big government, high taxes and ignorance to the Constitution.   Soon, the movement exploded into a grassroots force of millions of Americans that would lead to the biggest takeover of Congress in 70 years.

Around April 15th, you can continue the fight for limited government and personal freedom by holding your own Tea Party rally! Bring in a speaker to fire up your activists and supporters.  Carry signs and show your support for a return to America's founding principles.  Fight back against the left and their agenda of more government, more taxes and more spending!

How to Take Action:

1.  Find a speaker A successful Tea Party event requires a speaker who can energize your crowd.  Ask local conservative activists or office holders if they would be interested in addressing your event.  If you are unable to find a suitable speaker, contact us at Campus Reform for assistance with booking and financing.  Because speaking engagements take time to schedule and organize, you should book your speaker 3 - 5 months in advance.

2.  Reserve space on campus.  Choose a date and time that is convenient for your speaker and that will attract a larger audience.  For the same reason, select a location with high visibility, such as the center of campus or along a major road.  Depending on where you hold your demonstration, you will need to obtain permission from your university administration or local government.  In general, demonstrations are permissible as long as they are on public property and do not block pedestrian or vehicle traffic.

3.  Collect the materials.  The most important thing you will need for your Tea Party is a sound system or bullhorn.  You should be able to secure some type of sound system from your university's event services department.  Depending on the location of your event, you may also want a raised platform for speakers to address the crowd from.  Other necessary materials will include posterboard and markers for signs, flyers for advertisement, information on your organization, and an American flag.

4.  Invite allied organizationsAsk other conservative and libertarian organizations on campus or within the community to join you in your protest.  You may also ask them to assist you in purchasing supplies and funding your speaker.  This is a great way to strengthen cooperation between different groups and to increase attendance.

5.  Hold a planning meeting. Before the rally, hold a meeting to make signs, create a program, write chants, go over talking points, and prepare your publicity plans. 

6.  Advertise.  Attendance is vital to the success of any rally.  It is extremely important that you advertise correctly in order to ensure the maximum attendance at your event.  Start by creating and posting fliers across campus explaining the purpose, details, date, time, and location of your rally.  You should also deliver fliers to local businesses and other organizations that might be friendly to your cause.  Use Facebook and Twitter to spread the word as well and ask co-sponsoring organizations to tell their members about the event.  Most important, send a press release to local media outlets to advertise the event throughout the community where you are likely to gain more support.

7.   Prepare for opposition.   Have a video camera available at all times and be ready to record any verbal or physical aggression.  If someone acts out in anger or violence, ask them why he or she opposed your right to exercise free speech.

8.  Take back your country!  On the day of the rally, arrive early at the location to set up.  Have volunteers bring signs, flags and anything else that would show their support for the cause.  When other attendees begin to arrive, display your signs and flags.  Make sure that your members are motivated and spread out throughout the crowd.  Introduce speakers, with your most exciting speaker at the end of your program.  In between speeches, chant the slogans that your group wrote at the planning meeting.  Be sure to pass out informational fliers regarding your organization to other students in attendance.

9.  Advertise again.  Following your rally, send another press release with high-quality pictures to local media.  Make yourself (or a well-spoken group member) available for interviews with local radio and television stations.  Positive news coverage is important to the success of your event in the eyes of the general public.