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Millennial Inspires Young Conservatives
Millennial Inspires Young Conservatives

Just a few years ago, Elliot Echols was an economics student at Berry College in his home state of Georgia, and now he is the RNC National Youth Director.

Elliot’s advice to other hardworking young conservatives aspiring to make a difference is surprisingly simple.

“The best way to get a job in politics is to show up,” he said.  “Go to your local county meetings, join conservative groups and volunteer.  People notice those who work hard and are selfless.  I was able to get my job here at the RNC by showing up and letting my previous work speak for itself.”

Kentucky Entrepreneur Leads toward Conservative Environmentalism
Kentucky Entrepreneur Leads toward Conservative Environmentalism

"My advice to emerging leaders is to stay true to your values. Make honesty and integrity a priority in everything you do," said Nate Morris of Rubicon Global.

Nate, co-founder of Rubicon Global and trusted friend of Sen. Rand Paul (KY), has proven himself a strong leader in the private sector as well as the conservative movement.

Nate was one of former President George W. Bush’s youngest fundraisers.

15 going on Fearless
15 going on Fearless

“Make a start. It can be daunting, but everyone can make a difference,” Live Action Founder and President Lila Rose said.

As a freshman in college at the University of California Los Angeles, Lila recognized the lack of knowledge of abortion, the “greatest human rights injustice of our time.”

At 15, she decided to do something about it. So, she started the group Live Action.

New series by AEI: The Pursuit of Happiness
New series by AEI: The Pursuit of Happiness

Check out what our friends at AEI are working on:

The American Enterprises Institute’s new Pursuit of Happiness project explores the meaning of happiness, how to pursue it as individuals, and how government policies can promote it.  With speeches by AEI president Arthur Brooks, columnist Megan McArdle, and AEI scholar Robert Doar, the Pursuit of Happiness project lays out a conservative vision of social justice in which the government creates an environment where all individuals have the opportunity to seek happiness.

03 - 04
Written Communications Workshop

Location: Arlington, VA

LI Happy Hour

Location: Arlington, VA

Shenandoah Campaign Workshop

Location: Harrisonburg, VA

Public Speaking Workshop

Location: Arlington, VA

12 - 13
Broadcast Journalism School

Location: Arlington, VA

13 - 14
Youth Leadership School

Location: Greensboro, NC

Campaign Management Workshop

Location: San Antonio , TX

15 - 16
High-Dollar Fundraising School

Location: Arlington, VA

Online Fundraising Workshop

Location: Arlington, VA

Television Workshop, On-Camera

Location: Arlington, VA

17 - 18
Direct Mail School

Location: Arlington, VA

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