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Biggest Upset Since 1899
Biggest Upset Since 1899

Campaign Manager Zachery Werrell orchestrated one of the greatest upsets in political history at the age of 23.  

Despite being outspent nearly 40 to 1, Zach’s candidate Dave Brat defeated House Majority Leader Eric Cantor with 56% of the vote in the Republican primary.  This was the first time a sitting House Majority Leader has been defeated since the position was created in 1899.

His success is thanks to an overwhelming grassroots campaign and effective political activists. 

“It wasn’t some establishment machine kind of political campaign, but it was the people doing it,” he said.

Zach credits most of the techniques he used to pull off this upset to his Leadership Institute training.

“There is nothing like baptism through fire to fully appreciate...

Fresh Voice in FL as 23-Year-Old Woman Takes Office
Fresh Voice in FL as 23-Year-Old Woman Takes Office

At only 23 years old, Jennifer Sullivan just won her election and became the youngest woman ever elected to the Florida legislature.  Jennifer’s fresh face will join the Florida House of Representatives in January.

Last week, Jennifer won the Florida House District 31 seat, despite being criticized and outspent by the opposition.  Opponents ran ads critiquing her for being “too young” and “lacking experience.”  She also recalls being outspent by 2-1 or 3-1 depending on the candidate, but that wasn’t enough to stop Jennifer Sullivan.

“Part of that was really just putting myself out there, and doing the hard work of making those cold calls, being willing to sit down and call people to ask for money,” Jennifer said.

Jennifer was motivated to run for office because she couldn’t sit back and watch the country fall apart any longer.

Millennial Inspires Young Conservatives
Millennial Inspires Young Conservatives

Just a few years ago, Elliot Echols was an economics student at Berry College in his home state of Georgia, and now he is the RNC National Youth Director.

Elliot’s advice to other hardworking young conservatives aspiring to make a difference is surprisingly simple.

“The best way to get a job in politics is to show up,” he said.  “Go to your local county meetings, join conservative groups and volunteer.  People notice those who work hard and are selfless.  I was able to get my job here at the RNC by showing up and letting my previous work speak for itself.”

Kentucky Entrepreneur Leads toward Conservative Environmentalism
Kentucky Entrepreneur Leads toward Conservative Environmentalism

"My advice to emerging leaders is to stay true to your values. Make honesty and integrity a priority in everything you do," said Nate Morris of Rubicon Global.

Nate, co-founder of Rubicon Global and trusted friend of Sen. Rand Paul (KY), has proven himself a strong leader in the private sector as well as the conservative movement.

Nate was one of former President George W. Bush’s youngest fundraisers.

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