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Student Publications Workshop

Student Publications Workshop

3 hours, FREE (meal included)

Learn how to start your own independent campus publication from the ground up.

Taking place online or in-person on your campus, this intensive three-hour training will give you the tools to start a conservative campus publication.

You will learn how to:

  • Write in a news-reporting style
  • Make an impact on campus with your stories
  • Recruit dedicated staff
  • Promote your publication on campus and on social media
  • Take powerful photographs
  • Fund your publication with advertising and donations
  • Create an appealing layout design
  • Navigate media laws and ethics

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After you’ve completed a successful Student Publications Workshop and have a draft or published content for your new conservative publication, you’ll be eligible for a Walter Kandel Balance in Media Grant of up to $750.

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Bryan Bernys

Contact Bryan with your questions.

This training has to be scheduled. If you are interested please fill out the Student Publication Workshop request form!