Victoria Snitsar Churchill -  Volunteer Faculty at the Leadership Institute

Victoria Snitsar Churchill is a proud immigrant and naturalized U.S. citizen with a decade of experience in grassroots politics and community organizing. Her writing has been featured in many online publications, including Real Clear Markets, The Daily Torch, and The Daily Signal.

As a student at the University of Kansas, Victoria was identified by Leadership Institute field representatives and became a Campus Correspondent for Leadership Institute’s Campus Reform.

Victoria leveraged her role as the Kansas Correspondent to get published in media outlets such as TIME Magazine, Washington Post Magazine, The Blaze, and on NRATV. 

In addition to sharpening her writing skills and building a national profile, Victoria also served as State Chairman for the Kansas College Republicans and the Network of Enlightened Women (NeW). She even competed as an NCAA D1 student-athlete.

Victoria attended LI’s flagship Youth Leadership School in early 2017 and served as LI’s Campus Reform intern in Spring 2019.

Before joining LI as an intern, Victoria was the Communications Director for Steve Watkins in KS-02. She helped her candidate win a six-way Republican Primary, and a general election by a razor-thin margin in a nationally-targeted Congressional campaign. Victoria handled the campaign’s social and earned media and was a campaign spokesperson.

In addition to the YLS, Victoria has attended 35 additional Leadership Institute trainings, including the Campaign Management School, the Capitol Hill Staff Training School, and a number of communications trainings that helped her develop as both a writer and pundit.

She credits David Blair with helping her land a job as a Field Organizer for Trump Victory and the Republican Party of Iowa in 2020.
Victoria is now the writer and digital content editor for the Virginia Republican Standard as well as American Liberty News, an upstart news agency that covers American culture and politics. Much of Victoria’s coverage centers on Virginia politics and the 2nd Amendment.

"Despite studying political science and journalism at the University of Kansas, I learned more from my experience as a Campus Reform correspondent, a Leadership Institute intern, and in LI trainings than I ever did in the classroom,” Victoria notes. “I wouldn’t trade my experience with Leadership Institute for anything.”

Victoria Snitsar Churchill