Kathleen Patten -  Former Guest Speaker at the Leadership Institute

With 30+ years of experience in direct response marketing and fundraising, Kathleen not only manages America’s largest and oldest conservative direct marketing agency, American Target Advertising and its businesses, but directly oversees direct mail and online fundraising programs and grassroots mobilization for its clients.

Having run direct mail fundraising efforts for charities, colleges, issue-advocacy organizations, candidates, PACs, and political parties, her clients have ranged from Republican gubernatorial and U.S. Senate races to numerous Conservative causes and nationally-recognized charities and even humanitarian aid for the Nicaraguan Resistance.

Kathleen helps clients build large organizations, whether start-ups with little or no donor base, or established organizations that wish to expand their number of supporters and effectiveness nationally. With a background in copywriting, Kathleen specializes in client branding and marketing strategy, working with clients to help identify and strengthen their position (hole in the marketplace), differentiation, USP, the benefit they offer their donors and supporters, and their overall brand.  She helps organizations identify and build their brand and develop new projects that match the mission and goals of the organization with the interests and needs of their donors and potential donors.  Then she personally drives the integrated marketing campaigns to help maximize the impact of these programs.

Having spent ten years at America’s largest conservative alternative to AARP building its membership to over 565,000 dues-paying households, Kathleen has the unique experience of working both on the agency and client side of marketing and fundraising.  There Kathleen oversaw direct mail, telephone, and internet marketing, as well as membership benefits and services, the newsletters and publications, grassroots mobilization, national polling, and public relations.  This holistic view of nonprofit management, accounting, and program implementation allows Kathleen to make an organization’s fundraising efforts all the more successful for her clients.

In her rare spare time, Kathleen enjoys one-on-one mentoring with young women to help them apply the lessons of marketing in various aspects of their lives, whether that is college applications, job hunting, or especially marketing and development for right-of-center causes.

Kathleen holds a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from George Mason University where she concentrated on Nonprofit Management, as well as a Bachelors of Business Administration from the College of William and Mary, where for several years she served on the Business Partners Board for the Mason School of Business.  She and her family live in Manassas, Virginia.

Kathleen Patten