Emily Lampkin -  Staff and Faculty at the Leadership Institute

Emily Lampkin is a political powerhouse when it comes to identifying, training, and mobilizing women leaders to be changemakers at the local, state, and federal level. She is the Founder of the Women Leaders Series and is a highly sought-after speaker and advisor known for her pragmatic style and effective counsel to women in corporate, non-profit, education and political spheres.  The Women Leaders Series is the culmination of more than 25 years of experience advising thousands of women leaders on ways they can perfect their skills to maximize opportunities in both public and private sectors.

Emily has made a name for herself as a dynamic one-of-a-kind expert on women leadership and political engagement speaking nationwide to small and large conferences and providing counsel to elected officials and corporate executives. Filling a need to identify and train younger women she also hosts workshops via her Young Women Leaders Series designed for young women in college, high school, and middle school. 

With a reputation as one of Washington, D.C.’s most well-respected connectors, Emily brings with her a wealth of insights from her years serving in senior private, political, and public sector leadership roles. She orchestrated some of the largest and most impactful public affairs campaigns both in and outside of government. Emily is a powerful communicator offering her unique perspective and straight talk style on major TV networks, radio, national periodicals, podcasts, and social media. 

Emily continues to be a resource for countless grassroots organizers across the country, helping women stay engaged politically and obtain more leadership roles at all levels of government. 

Globally respected, Emily was selected to join the Women’s Democracy Network Advisory Council’s elite group of speakers committed to training women across the world in the skills necessary to assume greater leadership roles in burgeoning democracies.

Gov. Glenn Youngkin appointed Emily as the Northern Virginia representative to the Virginia Economic Development Partnership. With offices in Germany, Japan, and South Korea, the partnership collaborates with local, regional, and state entities to encourage the expansion and diversification of Virginia’s vast and expanding economy. 

A St. Louis native, Emily is a proud graduate of the University of Missouri. She resides in Virginia with her husband, Marc Lampkin, and their three teens.

Emily Lampkin