Kirk Shelley -  Former Guest Speaker at the Leadership Institute

Kirk Shelley is the Senior Consultant for State Operations for Campaign for Liberty.


He started working in grassroots politics in North Carolina as a college activist working on the late Senator Jessie Helms campaign.  Following college the Right to Work Committee hired him to work in state legislation.


When he began work in Iowa in 1989, pro-Right to Work legislators made up less than a third of the General Assembly.  By 1995 fully 66% of the legislature supported Right to Work.


In seven years with the Oklahoma Freedom to Work Committee, he created an 110,000-member organization.  The legislature has changed from less than 1/3 of support of voluntary union membership in 1993 to the successful passage of Right to Work in Oklahoma on September 25, 2001.


As a general consultant, Mr. Shelley has worked on 237 State House and Senate campaigns in 10 states and has a winning percentage of 89%, as well as working on a number of congressional and statewide races, and he was the Oklahoma coordinator for the Ron Paul campaign in 2008.  During the 2012 Ron Paul campaign he was a special consultant to caucus and convention states.


He has successfully completed client projects in Iowa, Oklahoma, Indiana, Kentucky, Nevada, New Mexico, Mississippi, Arizona, Louisiana, and Alabama.


Mr. Shelley has a great deal of experience heading up local projects for local and national organizations to increase grassroots awareness of key issues.  He has worked on subjects ranging from home mortgage deductions, medical scope of practice, property rights, Superfund Reform, tort reform and transportation issues.  His work has included grassroots and grass tops mobilization, media briefings, and getting OP-ED placement.


A graduate of East Carolina University, Mr. Shelley lives in Oklahoma City.  He has four children.  He was a home school dad for a season, and served on the Board of Directors of the Oklahoma Christian Home Educator’s Consociation. A veteran of Operation Just Cause in Panama in 1990, he is an honorably discharged Captain in the Army Reserve.      


Kirk Shelley