Gary Marx -  Volunteer Faculty at the Leadership Institute

Gary Marx is President of Madison Strategies and serves as Senior Advisor for the Judicial Crisis Network. He launched Madison Strategies in 2013 after serving three years at the helm of the GA-based Faith & Freedom Coalition as Executive Director.  Prior to joining FFC he was Vice President at Century Strategies heading up their Washington D.C. office while also serving as Executive Director for the Judicial Crisis Network, which works to confirm judges to the nation’s courts who follow judicial restraint and written words of the Constitution.

His career path has included high-level postings as Senior Advisor to Marco Rubio for President, Conservative Coalitions Director for the Romney presidential campaign in 2008 and also at the Bush-Cheney 04 national campaign headquarters where he spearheaded outreach to social conservatives. His coalitions program helped increase the President’s share of the “values voters” to 21.3 million or 36 percent of the total Bush vote. Gary is a media veteran and has done hundreds of television, print, and radio interviews including CNN, CBN, CSPAN and FOX NEWS. He has also been a featured speaker for prominent organizations such as The Federalist Society, The Leadership Institute, Hanns Seidel Foundation, AIPAC and The Council for National Policy.

Marx has a degree in Political Science from James Madison University. Gary holds a Master’s degree in Political Management from Regent University. He is married to Aimee and is the father of three children.

Gary Marx