Tammy Cali -  Former Guest Speaker at the Leadership Institute

Tammy Cali is President and Chief Operating Officer at Eberle Associates. 

Tammy has a wide range of direct marketing experience. Before joining Eberle she served as the Chief Executive Officer of several non-profit organizations that depended on direct mail for their primary financial needs. She's "done it all" when it comes to direct marketing from running a company specializing in list brokerage and management for non-profit organizations to special event planning. She is even an experienced copywriter.

Tammy has served as a professional dance instructor and has taught in many dance studios throughout Northern Virginia as well as joining with a company to market a new concept that brought dance to children instead of making them go to the studio. Tammy is a Virginia native. She and her husband, Paul, live in Northern Virginia with their two sons, Nicholas and Marcus. Both boys served in the U.S. Military. While politics has always been a hobby, she also enjoys many activities including tap dancing, traveling, billiards, fishing, golf and other outdoor activities.

Tammy Cali