Rand Paul: LI-trained volunteers and staff are "secret weapon"

"I ran for the United States Senate in 2010, and I’m proud to represent Kentucky there today," Rand Paul said.

"The political elites in both parties opposed me, and the 'experts' didn’t give me much of a chance. But let me tell you about a 'secret weapon' I had... that 'secret weapon' is top notch volunteers and staff members trained by a remarkable group called the Leadership Institute.

"The Institute’s grassroots training has been called the best available anywhere in the country.  And Institute graduates prove it to be true.

"Leadership Institute training teaches conservative activists how to develop an effective campaign strategy for a candidate or strategic plan for an organization, and how to build a powerful grassroots organization, both for a campaign and for a citizens group, such as a local Tea Party.  And much more.

"If more conservative candidates have the same secret weapon I had -- top staff and key volunteers trained by the Leadership Institute -- you and I will see many more conservative victories in the future."