29-Year-Old Represents His Pennsylvania Stomping Grounds

Twenty-nine year old Dale Kerns was recently appointed to the borough council in Eddystone, Pennsylvania, where he now gets the pleasure of serving his hometown neighbors and friends.

“A typical workday as councilman involves going to meetings, dealing with town emergencies, helping in the office with clerical work, meeting with state legislators, and numerous other jobs,” Dale shared. “Most of all it involves, for me, sticking to your principles and campaign promises, all while fulfilling the needs of your constituents.”

Once Councilwoman Suzane Blissick resigned, Dale’s was appointed by Magisterial District Judge Phil Turner to fill the vacancy.

Dale has volunteered to give his council stipend back to the borough with half going to the Recreation Department and the other half going to the volunteer Fire Department.

“I started after high school in the International Brotherhood Of Electrical Workers Local 654, and completed a five year apprenticeship as a journeyman electrician. Then immediately I went to Widener University, where I expect to graduate with a bachelor's in professional studies and a minor in sociology in 2014.”

Dale is vice chairman of Pennsylvania's Republican Liberty Caucus and active in local politics.

With a heart for the less fortunate, Dale and his brothers—Kevin Kerns and Daniel Schmidt—started The Little Angels Foundation.

“At the Little Angels Foundation (LAF) our mission is to help children in need—children with life-threatening illnesses,” Dale said. “I believe in giving back to the community through voluntary charity. I do not believe the government should be used to take people's money for charity. Starting a foundation such as LAF and donating my time helps those who are less fortunate and also helps others understand what true charity is and where it’s designed to come from—the heart, not forced government.”

Dale first learned of the Leadership Institute through Young Americans for Liberty’s Executive Director Jeff Frazee, he shared. And in July 2011, he came to LI’s week-long Campaign Management School.

“Since my time at the Leadership Institute, I have had jobs working for candidates for U.S. Congress, U.S. Senate, and I have run successful campaigns for both delegates to the Republican National Convention and to local town councils,” Dale said.  “LI taught me at the Campaign Management School how to correctly manage a campaign through the nuts and bolts! We were taught everything in one week that it takes most people a lifetime to learn. The most effective tools that you need in fundraising, petitioning, and all other aspects of campaign management are learned on the job, but without the Leadership Institute I would not have known where to correctly start.”

“LI has given me the tools to be successful, and will give you the winning advantage that is not offered to many that have been in the game for a lifetime,” Dale said.

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“I always tell people they need to see LI for themselves,” Dale said. “LI is like Santa's workshop; somehow all the ‘toys’ are made in a short period of time. Those who think they know campaigning don’t really know until they have been to the Leadership Institute.”

“I loved my time at the Leadership Institute and look forward to coming back in the future. There is always more to learn!”

Please welcome Dale Kerns as the LI’s Graduate of the Week.

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