Republican National Convention’s Youngest Elected Teenage Delegate is an LI Graduate

This week is big for the Grand ‘Ole Party as they convene to officially nominate their candidate for president. Tens of thousands of people are flooding to Tampa, as is the hurricane-filled weather.

Evan Draim, a 17-year-old from Alexandria, Virginia, is America’s youngest elected delegate and a graduate of Leadership Institute trainings.

While he’s not quite eligible to vote, in November, he will be. Rules say a person may be a delegate so long as they are of age before Election Day.  Evan turns 18 on September 14.

Evan was one of seven people running for three slots representing Virginia’s eighth congressional district. He ran on a platform of electing a younger face, and it was a winning message.

Evan took the Leadership Institute’s Conservative Intern Workshop in June 2012 and LI’s Public Speaking Workshop in July 2012, and then also celebrated Independence Day with LI at the 41st Fourth of July National Conservative Soiree.



“My jobs as delegate and youth coordinator involve representing the party to certain groups of voters, which includes conducting many speeches and interviews,” Evan said.  “The Leadership Institute's public speaking training has taught me how to more effectively bring our message to these voters.”

Evan has been fielding constant media requests all week from Politico, CNN, the Washington Post, radio stations, newspapers, and more.

“I plan to use my LI training to engage an audience and keep people interested in what I’m talking about. It is especially important in reaching out to younger voters who often have shorter attention spans,” Evan said.

“The Leadership Institute’s public speaking training really opened my eyes to how important, yet subtle aspects of public
speaking are,” Evan said.

In addition to being the youngest elected delegate to the Republican National Convention, Evan is chairman of Young Ambassadors for George Allen. He also stays busy completing homework and enjoys extracurricular activities.

Please welcome Evan Draim as LI’s Graduate of the Week, and as the GOP’s youngest elected delegate.

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