LI’s Grassroots Coordinator Brennan Ward -- Trains 856 students in 9 Months
Brennan Ward joined the Leadership Institute’s Grassroots department in April 2011, and on Tuesday was recognized by LI President Morton Blackwell as “Employee of the Quarter” at the all-staff meeting.

“Brennan has helped to design several campaign training exercises which has given the Grassroots and Political Training departments a creative way to teach and engage students,” said Morton Blackwell. “He has been willing to take on any task given to him and has been a great asset to the team.”

Brennan managed 20 different trainings ranging from Grassroots Activism to Campaign Management to Fundraising workshops.  In nine months Brennan trained 856 students, giving up many a weekend for the road where he traveled weeks at a time.

“I’ve seen parts of the country you’d otherwise never be able to see,” Brennan said. “I’ve trained conservatives from the Redwoods of Oregon to the coastlines of California to the cornfields of Iowa.”  

LI’s Grassroots Activism School is the program closest to Brennan’s heart because it allows him the opportunity to interact closely with voters and learn their viewpoints while networking with leading conservatives in the movement.

“Grassroots activism is the building block for anyone preparing to pursue a career in politics,” Brennan said.

LI’s Senior Director of Domestic & International Programs Robert Arnakis said, “Brennan’s work ethic and hustle helped the team exceed some pretty high goals. His positive attitude and ingenuity make working with him a pleasure.  I’m happy to see his hard work be rewarded and recognized.”  

Danielle Hall, a LI student who attended LI’s Grassroots Campaign and Activist training in Tacoma, WA said:

“Brennan is very knowledgeable!  I love his personal stories, and would definitely be interested in attending further classes with the Leadership Institute. I learned a ton of information, and I look forward to utilizing some newly acquired skills.”  

At age 10 Brennan got his start in politics.  He campaigned with his grandmother who was a state representative in New Hampshire.

He went on to receive his bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of New Hampshire and later obtained a master’s degree in political management from The George Washington University.

Before coming to LI, Brennan worked in polling and survey analysis. While working for Public Opinion Strategies, a leading polling company, Brennan organized campaign messages and monitored polls for candidates running for U.S. Congress and Senate.  Brennan also worked for the Republican National Committee’s Strategy Department as a staff member in political polling.

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