Yesterday at LI: President of the National Right to Work Committee Mark Mix Remains Optimistic about Battle Against Unions
Yesterday 43 people braved the wind and the rain to hear Mark Mix, the president of the National Right to Work Committee and National Right to Work Foundation, who spoke at the Leadership Institute’s December Wednesday Wake-Up Club Breakfast.

Mark Mix credits the Leadership Institute’s techniques with his start in politics. He said a member of a conservative campus group at his college stood in front of a table, shook his hand, and invited him to their meeting.

In the following years, Mark went on to take LI’s Legislative Project Management School, newspaper training, television training and other Institute trainings he could make. “I probably have more LI diplomas than most,” he joked.

Standing before conservatives and supporters of the Institute, Mark spoke about his organization’s efforts to establish right to work laws across the nation.

“The First Amendment says you have the right to associate. Since 1935, however, we have allowed private organizations to force workers to associate as terms of employment. Having a right to associate presupposes the right not to associate. …How is it that a private organization that represents only 6.9 percent of the private sector has the loudest voice on Capitol Hill?” he said.

But, Mark noted, it is important to recognize that the National Right to Work Committee is not against unions, but against forcing employees to join a union as terms of employment.
 “We protect the right for people to join a union. It is an important right. But we cannot give [union leaders] monopoly power,” Mark said.

While a serious issue, Mark ended on a positive note, saying: “You can’t overlook what’s happening in Wisconsin and Ohio. Compulsory behavior is in the last throes of a [failed institution]…in ten years or so, I think we will see the end of compulsory organized labor.”

Didn’t make it to the Wednesday Wake-Up Club Breakfast? Watch the video here.

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