Al Cardenas Speaks about two Americas at the Wednesday Wake-Up Club Breakfast
July 6, 2011, Arlington, VA— “We either save America or we don’t—there is no compromise halfway,” American Conservative Union Chairman Al Cardenas said to a committed crowd of conservatives at the Leadership Institute’s Wednesday’s Wake-Up Club Breakfast this morning.

There is a tremendous need for conservative leaders to rise up and defend the framework of principles instituted by the founders. The Leadership Institute, Cardenas remarked, does just that.

“I love the Leadership Institute and have more respect than you’ll ever know for Morton Blackwell. [LI] is comprised of great patriots who want to save America and keep it great. I am truly honored to speak here and am delighted to have this opportunity.”

Chairman Cardenas said, “There are in reality two Americas. One is to the left and one to the right.” The America to the left abides under the umbrella of “live and let live,” meaning that essentially, this generation is living off money rightfully belonging to its children and grandchildren. “Social conditions are no longer in play. There is a new world where government deals irresponsibly.”

In opposition to this ideology is the America to the right—an advocate of traditional values, sensible spending, fair taxes, and limited government.

Al acknowledged that many conservatives understand the reality of our divided nation, yet they hesitate to take action. The problem, he explained, is that “leaders lack will and courage. You cannot save a country without taking medicine—righting the wrongs that have been made.”

“The task at hand is too great for us to stand by,” Al stressed. “I wish for the day when we truly have cut and capped spending and are less dependent on foreign energy sources.”  Resolve rests in restoring the fabric of society—family and the Judeo-Christian tradition, as well as cut, cap, and balance in government spending.

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LI’s Wednesday Wake-Up Club Breakfast is held the first Wednesday of each month and is an excellent opportunity for friends of the Institute to meet leading conservative speakers and hear their thoughts on current affairs over good food and fellowship with conservative friends.

 The next Wednesday Wake-Up Club Breakfast is August 3, 2011. The guest speaker will be Dr. Matthew Spalding, director of the B. Kenneth Simon Center for American Studies at the Heritage Foundation.