LI Grad of the Week: Former Tax Reform Activist and Conservative News Associate Editor Michele Kirk
June 20, 2011, Arlington, VA—Michele Kirk, a former tax reform activist turned political consultant and BizPac Review's Associate Editor, is the Leadership Institute’s Graduate of the Week. Michele is the proud mother of three boys, one who serves honorably as a United States Marine.  She and her husband, Chris, have been small business owners in Palm Beach County, Florida for more than ten years.

Michele has attended three LI trainings—Activist and Campaign School in February, Youth Leadership School in March, and the intensive week-long Campaign Management School in May.

In an article for the Bizpac Review, a conservative news website, Leadership Institute graduate Michele Kirk praised LI training declaring, “This is how we win!” Having just attended the Campaign Management School, she wrote “my recent discovery of the school feels like the uncovering of a massive buried treasure.”

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The Leadership Institute recognizes Michele for her work as an activist and thanks her for sharing her LI experience with BizPac Review readers.