Commissioner Tim Echols Speaks at LI's Wednesday Wake-Up Club Breakfast
Yesterday the Leadership Institute welcomed Georgia Public Service Commissioner Tim Echols, an LI graduate, as the Wednesday Wake-Up Club Breakfast speaker. The breakfast, an Institute event, is held on the first Wednesday of each month.

"I learned a lot here [at LI] about technology, and technology is what got me there," Commissioner Echols explained as he described his winning campaign.

The commissioner was elected to his seat in November 2010; it was his first political campaign. Previously, he had worked for 15 years at nonprofit organizations, founding the Family Resource Network and TeenPact, a youth training organization.

Much of the commissioner's talk focused on increasing the efficiency of nuclear waste management, which he called "one of my hallmark issues."

But Commissioner Echols also discussed his winning campaign. His three primary opponents had significant experience, having been elected to the State House, State Senate, or both. He credited his "upset primary" win to timing, technology, tireless effort, press savvy, precision messaging, and providence.

"Something else I learned here [at LI] was working with the press," Commissioner Echols explained. He told several anecdotes of his work to befriend the media. Why? "Then they'll be nice to you." The crowd appreciated that.

You can join the Leadership Institute for next month's Wednesday Wake-Up Club Breakfast on June 2. The speaker is Doug Bandor, Senior Fellow at the Cato Institute.

The breakfast is an excellent opportunity for friends of the Leadership Institute to meet leading conservative speakers and hear their thoughts on current affairs. Register online now to reserve your seat.