How to Make Work for You

Often jobseekers ask how to get more employers to look at their profiles on Not only am I going to tell you how to do that, but I’m also going to give you some tips on making your profile impressive to employers once they do look at it.
A few ways to ensure recruiters look at your profile during their search for applicants include filling out the public policy questionnaire fully, updating your profile regularly, and entering key words when prompted.
First, you should fill out the public policy questionnaire. And fill it out thoroughly. Often, jobseekers cannot see what your ideology is based on what you have or have not responded with, so they will skip right over your profile. This isn’t the case with all recruiters who use the site, but it is with many.  So increase your chances of being matched with an employer who shares your philosophy by answering all the questions with strong opinions.
Second, update your profile on a regular basis. The longer you go between tweaking your profile or updating your resume, the further to the bottom your profile goes when a hiring manager starts a resume search. The most recently updated profiles are the first to pop up. Make sure yours is there!
Third, when you initially fill out your profile, almost as important as filling out the ppq is filling in the lines under Areas of Interest/Experience. If you fill those out with what you are very interested in, or what field(s) in which you are truly qualified to work, an employer will see your profile when they type in those key words as they search for resumes.
Additionally, once an employer has opened your profile, you want to make it easy for them to see why they should hire you. To do this, you need to pay attention to a few important details.
The absolute most important thing you must do, and I cannot believe I’m even having to say this, is upload your resume! If it’s not on there, you are not going to get a second look, let alone a call. And do not just upload it, but also copy and paste it into the resume box. You should make it as easy as possible for the recruiter to see your credentials. Make sure the file you upload is one that can be opened and that the resume is flawless. If you are not sure what that looks like, send it to me at I will help you create a resume that recruiters will actually read. And take the extra time to make sure what you copy and paste looks nice. You may have to do some manual formatting, but do it. Your resume is your first contact with employers. Put in the time to make sure it is attractive and informative without being overwhelming.
Another important thing to remember when creating or updating your profile is to fill in every section, particularly the job preference, skills, and additional comments sections. I see so many profiles where these are not filled out at all. That makes it more difficult for a recruiter to determine whether you would be a good fit for a given position.
Always upload a writing sample. It does not have to be 20 pages long. In fact, it should never be that long. Two pages will suffice nicely for most recruiters. They want to see that you can write well, not how many big words you know.
As I mentioned before, update your profile regularly. As your interests and experiences change, the Areas of Interest/Experience section of your profile should reflect those changes. You should be updating your resume at least every six months, so be sure to upload the new version of that every time you change it. If your contact information changes, immediately note those changes on your profile. Simply replace the old with the new and continue.
Finally, this is personal and a matter of common courtesy: always email or call to let me know when you accept a position you found or were made aware of through I want to know that the website is working for you, but you have to follow up with me. So just shoot me a quick note when you accept a position. Who knows? We may feature you in one of LI’s news releases as a success story for