Aleq Boyle, attending LI training since 1987

Aleq Boyle attended his first Leadership Institute training in 1987 as a college student. Now he's the president and chairman of his own non-profit organization, Fremont Civics Foundation, but he still comes to the Institute for training.

"My first Youth Leadership School was at Northwestern University in 1987," Aleq said. "Having already worked for the Indiana State GOP, under Gordon Durnell, LI was a way to be connected with many like-minded individuals and grow some understanding about our work."

Aleq has attended nine Institute trainings since 1987, including the Campaign Management School, Youth Leadership School, International Leadership Training Seminar, Public Relations School, and Candidate Development School -- several of them more than once.

Currently, Aleq serves as the president and chairman of the Fremont Civics Foundation, a non-profit organization with a mission, as he explains, to "raise civics, governance, history, and political awareness among our younger citizens, leading them in healthy debate of issues facing our republic."

"For anyone who seeks to improve our republic and learn about government, LI training is indispensable," Aleq said. "LI's programs lay foundations for rewarding, successful careers, be they political or in business and my personal focus, philanthropy."

Aleq has also used his Institute connections to mentor a New Jersey college student, Alex Fitzsimmons.

After meeting Alex at LI's 2009 gala, Aleq said, "we built a rapport and made friends. He would return back to school after the event and we stayed in touch. He shared his plans to attend GWU, where he has proved a leading student in academics, and even has served his new community as a tutor for other students. He is an exceptional young man in the conservative cause."

Aleq also introduced Alex to LI training, which Aleq called a "great experience for collegiate youth and even high school would-be activists, as they were for me when I attended Anderson University in Anderson, Indiana."