And the "Oscar of the political advertising" goes to LI faculty Holly Robichaud
A few weeks ago, Holly Robichaud, Leadership Institute faculty for grassroots, received the 2011 Pollie Award for campaign brochure design and was named to the 2011 Aristotle's Excellence Awards Republican National Dream Team. The awards were dubbed the "Oscars of political advertising" by Esquire.

Since 2008, Holly has travelled across the country as an Institute faculty member. She has trained conservatives in school topics ranging from campaigns, communications, to get-out-the-vote efforts. This is all in addition to her work as the founder of the Tuesday Associates, a political consulting company; a political analyst for the Boston Herald; and a columnist for Winning Campaigns magazine.

Tuesday Associates won the Pollie for its "Sick of Congress Barf Bags." The campaign, created for the Marty Lamb congressional campaign, propelled Lamb to a seven-point victory in a five-way GOP primary.  The barf bag was both an on-the-ground and online sensation; Michelle Malkin called it the "political gimmick of the year." The barf bags were also featured on local TV and Your World with Neil Cavuto.

Holly was named to the Aristotle "dream team" for her direct mail design of a talking card for the Shaunna O’Connell campaign. Robichaud’s audio card featured Rep. James Fagan’s infamous speech against Jessica’s Law.  It is credited for the upset victory for State Rep. Shaunna O’Connell.

"I am honored to have received this national recognition for my designs and creative ideas.  I work hard to think outside of the box to deliver a candidate's message to the voters," Holly said.

Holly is one of hundreds of expert political professionals who volunteer their time and talent to train conservatives at the Leadership Institute. LI staff and supporters congratulate Holly on her accomplishments and thank her for what she has given back to the conservative movement.

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