Conservatives Sweep CU-Boulder Elections

Conservative students swept the student government elections at the University of Colorado--Boulder last week. All 28 students who ran as part of the conservative INVEST party won their election, including the office of president, vice president of internal and external affairs, and numerous positions as campus representatives and senators.

The key to their success? They say it's their training from the Leadership Institute's Campus Election Workshop on March 31.

"The Campus Election Workshop is the best way to finalize your plans for your campaign and get all of your volunteers and candidates on the same page. We owe a huge thanks to the Leadership Institute for training us conservatives to win on an overwhelming liberal campus," said Andrew Yoder, newly-elected president of the Colorado University Student Government.

The incoming student government plans to enact a conservative agenda over the next year, building on their success from last year's student government which also was controlled by conservatives. They cut the $36 million budget by $1 million, and defunded CoPIRG and other liberal programs that received disproportionate funding.

The Leadership Institute will bring a Campus Election Workshop to your campus to teach you how to run for -- and win -- student government elections. Contact a Regional Field Coordinator to learn more.