Congressman Price Speaks to LI Breakfast Attendees
"When asked if we had gotten a republic or a monarchy, Benjamin Franklin answered, 'A republic. If you can keep it,'" said Congressman Tom Price to a crowd of more than 80 Leadership Institute supporters at LI's monthly Wednesday Wake-Up Club Breakfast. "We are in 'if you can keep it' times. History will write whether we answered the call of the times. Did we fight to retain the greatest nation in the history of the world?"

In a wide-ranging talk, Congressman Price gave his perspective on multiple current issues -- including the budget debates in Congress -- and then took questions from the audience. William Peck, a breakfast attendee, said the congressman was "very inspiring."

Held the first Wednesday of each month, the Wednesday Wake-Up Club Breakfast is an excellent opportunity for friends of the Leadership Institute to meet leading conservative speakers and hear their thoughts on current affairs. Past breakfasts have been attended by members of Congress, public policy experts, and columnists.