LI graduate writes for tens of thousands

Leadership Institute graduate John Rossomando, after having taken six trainings at LI, has begun the Rossomando Report to showcase his writings for and the Daily Caller.

“I got my start on the Rossomando Report last fall after a friend -- who is also a Leadership Institute alumnus -- suggested I start a website to showcase the work I have been doing for the Daily Caller and for other publications I have been writing for,” John said.

John’s articles for the Daily Caller “have received as many as 30,000 hits...which I think showcases my ability to connect with my readers and write about what they care about,” John continued.

When asked about his LI training experience, John said, “The Leadership Institute's schools are excellent.” In particular he mentioned that the "Capitol Hill Staff Training School provides invaluable information for aspiring Hill staffers that is hard to find elsewhere, and the Broadcast Journalism School also provides invaluable information on getting started in the field from people in the field. The PR school also provides a good introduction to the PR field for those considering entering it.”

John's Townhall column debuted over the weekend.