The Miracle Worker – LI’s Andrea McCarthy earning the ‘Employee of the Quarter’ award for placing conservatives in their “dream jobs”
March 17, 2011, Arlington, VA—The Leadership Institute’s Director of the Employment Placement Services Department (EPS) Andrea McCarthy rarely has a slow day. She oversees, the nation’s premier free, online solution that connects conservative job seekers with potential employers.

In LI Founder and President Morton Blackwell’s Employee of the Quarter announcement, he said, “Andrea has worked tirelessly for the last three months to meet with dozens of job seekers, quickly post new job positions to Conservative Jobs, and to review individual resumes to recommend top-talent to employers seeking conservative employees.”

Accepting the award, Ms. McCarthy felt both “honored” and “surprised.” “This award is a motivator to keep meeting with folks. A motivator to place conservatives in their dream jobs,” said Ms. McCarthy.

The Leadership Institute has placed over 1,300 conservatives in over 500 organizations nationwide. In addition to maintaining, Ms. McCarthy also quite frequently meets with conservative job seekers; answering questions, offering advice, and aiding in resume writing.
Ms. McCarthy feels she has done her job “when I get a thank you card from someone I met with. We talked. We made some edits. And they got the job they wanted. The goal is for them to go from job seeker to employee.”

Looking to the future, Ms. McCarthy has many plans. One includes a cell phone application for so that “we can make the services readily available,” she said.

Having been with LI since 2006, first as a recruitment coordinator, then as the director of recruitment and now in her current position, Ms. McCarthy draws on her extensive knowledge, wide experience and contacts to aid conservatives and organizations in the search for the perfect match. “This award is a strong reminder of why I do what I do,” she said.

Being the ultimate encourager, Ms. McCarthy is always ready to help anyone who contacts her. No matter how tough the challenge or how busy she is. She has one suggestion to all LI grads and conservatives: “Utilize the free sources!”

To learn more about and set up an account please click here or contact Andrea at 703-247-2000.

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