Texas A&M Students Use LI Training to Win Student Government Elections

Nearly a month ago, conservative students from Texas A&M University came together at the ranch of a Leadership Institute supporter. The students -- many members of the Texas Aggie Conservatives, affiliated with LI's Campus Leadership Program -- were there for a Campus Election Workshop taught by Tony Listi, a Regional Field Coordinator for the Institute.

The A&M student government elections were coming up, and these conservative students wanted to learn how to win student government positions. With the results now in, it's clear they learned well.

Freshman Kristin Bonner and sophomore Nicole Heath were elected to the Student Senate on platforms that reflected their conservative principles. In a field of 64 candidates, Nicole received the eighth most votes; Kristin, the 20th most votes.

"The campaigning tactics provided by the Campus Election Workshop proved to be a vital element in getting elected as one of the top student senators," Nicole explained. "I know I would not have been near as successful running my very first campaign without having gained such valuable knowledge and skills."

Kristen agreed, adding, "I know that I would not have won the student government election without the information and guidance provided by the election workshop held by the Leadership Institute."

LI's Campus Election Workshop teaches conservative students how to run for -- and win -- student government elections. If you or someone you know would like to bring a workshop to your school, contact Kent Strang, Director of Youth Leadership School, to organize one.