Atlas Shrugged Movie to Premiere April 15
Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged will debut on the silver screen this year on Tax Day, April 15, when the first of a three-film series will be publicly released.

"It's refreshing to see a pro-liberty movie coming out of Hollywood," said Cuylor Reeves, who attended a special sneak preview screening organized by the Atlas Society in Washington, DC. "I haven't yet read Atlas Shrugged, but I really think this film can spread Rand's defense of free markets to new audiences."

Cuylor, who was a member of Young Americans for Liberty, affiliated with LI's Campus Leadership Program, at Mississippi State University, continued, "Plus, in fitting with current news, the movie made quite a few good digs at union leadership."

Atlas Shrugged, first published in the 1957, has enjoyed long-lasting popularity. Morton Blackwell, LI's president, also includes the novel on the list of books he recommends most to conservatives, published as Read to Lead.

"This book has been described as a very long essay in the guise of a very long novel," Morton explains in Read to Lead. "It is one of the most devastating critiques ever written of big government and the liberal media. Rand’s moral indignation is contagious; after reading her, most readers are forever immune to the enticements of socialism."

But, Morton continues, "It must also be said, however, that the militantly atheistic Rand had an unrealistic view of human nature and little appreciation for cultural values. Most people, however mesmerized by her they may be in their youth, outgrow Rand’s philosophy, which Burke might have described as a theoretical construct rather than an application of the accumulated wisdom of mankind."