Conservatism 101 in the Boston Globe
Yesterday the Boston Globe covered Conservatism 101, a new project of the Leadership Institute with the Intercollegiate Studies Institute.

Conservatism 101 helps students, faculty, and administrators bring courses on conservatism to their colleges. The latest victory: Brown University, described by the Boston Globe as a "traditional liberal stronghold."

The Leadership Institute congratulates Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island on the approval and launch of a for-credit course on conservatism. The class, Modern Conservatism in America and its Critics, will be offered for the spring 2011 semester.

Conservatism 101 worked with students at Brown University to develop a comprehensive class syllabus that fits the rigorous academic requirements of this prestigious university.

LI President Morton Blackwell said, “Thousands of courses on college campuses across America teach Marxism sympathetically or promote leftist policy agendas. Rarely do students hear even remotely fair presentations of conservative principles. I hope that other universities will follow Brown’s example. Too often conservative thought is not acknowledged in the classroom.”

Conservatism 101 has now helped to initiate courses on conservatism at Brown University, the University of Virginia, and American University. The addition of these classes provides students at these universities a philosophically well-rounded education.

Conservatism 101 is a joint project of the Leadership Institute, the Intercollegiate Studies Institute, and Wes Siler, founder of the Modern Conservatism class at the University of Virginia. For more information, please go to