LI Brings Training to Conservative College Students in Mexico City
December 17, 2010, Arlington, VA—This past weekend LI took its Youth Leadership School to Mexico City to train 55 college students at their request.

Three students came to Arlington, VA earlier in the year to receive training and requested LI come to them in Mexico City to train more conservative college activists.

LI Faculty and Students in Mexico City

Above is a picture of many of these students that have now entered into our distinguished LI graduate, alumni group.

The Leadership Institute’s flagship school, nicknamed “the boot camp of politics,” provides you with effective techniques to organize and lead mass-based youth efforts for candidates and causes of your choice.

The Youth Leadership School has launched more successful political careers than any other Leadership Institute training program.

Small Breakout groupTopics covered included:

•    Building an effective student organization
•    Getting out the vote
•    Earned media (favorable publicity)
•    Developing a public relations strategy
•    Launching a successful career in politics

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