Seventy-One Individuals from 20 States Attend Week-Long Campaign Manager School

December 13, 2010, Arlington, VA—Last week 71 individuals from 20 states and two countries joined us in our Arlington training facility for a week-long school on campaign management.

With over 23 distinguished faculty teaching on various subjects ranging from campaign finance to media relations to grassroots and volunteer efforts, students left prepared for managing their campaigns for the upcoming next election cycle.

Below are testimonies of three LI graduates from last week’s campaign manager school.

Ruthie Thompson said, “I have been able to volunteer for many campaigns and even made my first attempt at a fundraiser for Sharron Angle. I just wish that I was able to take this course prior to me holding that fundraiser. Although I am a very successful realtor, my heart and my passion is with the conservative movement and that is a driving force for my future plans. I want to get involved. I no longer want to sit on the sidelines and watch my country being taken over. The information I take with me from the Leadership Institute is so valuable in my quest to advance the conservative movement and to do my part in getting our message out there.”



Annette James said, “The Campaign Manager School is the second Leadership Institute training that I have had the opportunity to attend. I am growing my political career and the opportunity to attend such intensive training is priceless. I am excited to be able to take this knowledge to conservative candidates.”



Scott Mellot said, “I am attending the Campaign Managers Program and I have been very impressed by the quality of its content. In 2011, I will be working with a state senate campaign and look forward to putting this information to practice.”



Siren Solheim, another student at the campaign manager school last week, said, “As a graduate of the Campaign Manager School, I have been privileged to listen to some very compassionate faculty and guest speakers who have contributed their talent and experience to educate and promote conservative leaders.”

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