How To Get a Job on Capitol Hill
Are you interested in working for a new or existing conservative office after the election?  If so, you need to become a registered member of and complete your professional profile to be considered for important jobs in congressional offices.

Simply register, complete your profile, provide references and fill out the Public Policy Questionnaire. Don't forget to check the box, "I want to work on Capitol Hill."

Once your profile is complete, email to let key Hill staff know that you've completed your profile and would like to be considered for a job opportunity in the 112th Congress.

Don't wait until after the election to begin making connections with the people who have the power to hire or recommend you. Now is the time to ramp up your networking efforts and put your hat in the ring.  It's going to be a competitive job market with many job seekers vying for the same positions. The earlier you launch your job hunt, the better.