Hillsdale College Republicans President Quotes Morton Blackwell's Theory on winning the Senate
October 12, 2010, Arlington, VA— College Republicans President Elliot Gaiser quotes LI’s President Morton Blackwell that conservatives can win the Senate based on the momentum of changing the House majority.

Quoting Hillsdale College’s newspaper Hillsdale Forum Editor-In-Chief Anna Williams, “But Republicans might just manage to win a majority in the Senate. College Republicans President Elliot Gaiser summarized Leadership Institute Morton Blackwell’s theory thus: In an election with enough momentum to change  the House majority, you have enough support to change the Senate because House districts are gerrymandered to favor incumbents. “If you can change [the district representative], that means you have enough support to change the state, because they haven’t figured out a way to gerrymander a state yet,” Gaiser said.

To read the full article at Hillsdale Forum, please visit: http://www.scribd.com/doc/38961915/Forum-Oct-Cover

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