LI to Bring Back the Writing Workshop this Month!
Are you a conservative trying to break into journalism? Do you want the tools necessary to more effectively combat the liberal media. The Leadership Institute's Writing Workshop on October 19-20 is ideal for both conservatives who are looking to work in journalism and those looking to hone their craft. If you are interested in working for a conservative publication - online or offline - or in the press department of a congressional office, think tank, or a non-profit, this two-evening workshop is for you.

Top-notch professionals will teach you the ins and outs of journalism so that you can succeed!
 Topics covered, include: 
•         Professional writing techniques for publication
•         Writing an op-ed and press release
•         Breaking into conservative journalism
•         Getting others to read your work
Register now and take the first step to break into journalism! The workshop is $75, and with the early registration discount until October 8th, you can register today for only $50!