PAC Study Shows Likely Business Interests for 2010 Elections

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DATE: Tuesday, March 2, 2010              (703) 247 2000

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* * * PAC Study Shows Likely Business Interests for 2010 Elections ***

The Leadership Institute has released its study of the publicly disclosed political contributions of corporate and business association political action committees in the most recent (2007-2008) election cycle.

The study reports fully on the giving of all 1,036 business-related PACs which gave $25,000 or more to federal election candidates in the 2007-2008 election cycle.

The study reveals the major business PACs' giving patterns to several types of political candidates including Republicans, Democrats, conservatives, liberals, incumbents, and challenger candidates.  These giving trends enable legislators, candidates, business leaders and journalists to discover the political giving of corporate America.

The report tracks and ranks the giving patterns of business PACs by the recipients’ political affiliation and category

“Candidates and campaigns for the upcoming 2010 elections could target those major business PACs most likely to contribute to them,” said Morton C. Blackwell, president of The Leadership Institute.  “They could focus on ‘hunting where the ducks are.’” 

The report includes the addresses of all 1,036 PACs studied.

The study also allows employees, corporate stockholders, and business association members to compare their association PACs with other PACs.  Investors at all levels can learn about and influence their business PAC’s giving to U.S. House and Senate candidates. 

“Customers can see the political giving of corporations with which they have done business,” said Blackwell.  “They could change vendors if they didn’t agree with their political giving pattern.”

This is the latest of the biennial PAC reports released by The Leadership Institute.